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Contested divorces do not always yield huge financial losses

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2013 | Divorce

In a very crystallized and simplified view of divorce, there are two fronts that can be significantly impacted when a couple chooses to end their marriage in Texas. One of those two fronts is the emotional front. There is an expansive array of emotions that an individual may confront at the end of a marriage.

An individual can fluctuate between sadness and relief, betrayal and guilt. That is just the beginning; there are so many other shades of so many other emotions that an individual can experience throughout a divorce. The fact of the matter is that when a couple says “I do,” they usually mean forever, adjusting to accept that the end may be more premature than previously expected can be difficult, to say the least.

While the emotional adjustments associated with a divorce can feel overwhelming, so too can the financial ramifications of a divorce. When a couple decides to divorce in Texas, issues of property and asset division, child support payments and possibly alimony payments will have significant financial impacts on both parties. In high-conflict divorces, disagreements about the fair way to settle these issues can lead to prolonged litigation. Prolonged litigation can very often mean increasing costs and a diminishing bottom line for both parties.

Deion Sanders and his wife have garnered much media attention both in Texas and nationally as their relationship has begun to fray over the last year. Their divorce trial is set to take place in Texas in March of this year. However, Deion says that this public split is negatively impacting his career and endorsement deals, and consequently he no longer has the funds to cover his expenses.

Retaining an experienced divorce attorney can assist couples that are divorcing in Texas avoid prolonged litigation. Even in high-conflict divorces, where couples cannot settle outside of court, an experienced attorney will know how to advocate on behalf of their client in a courtroom to obtain the best outcome possible.

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