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Texas grandparents fight for custody of infant

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2013 | Child Custody

Custody battles can be fought between varying parties on a wide spectrum of relationships in courtrooms across Texas. On this blog we have detailed instances of former spouses fighting for custody of children post-divorce, unwed parents of children battling for their parental rights, biological parents fighting against potential-adoptive parents, and sometimes grandparents or other extended family members fighting for custody of a child.

Unfortunately, there are circumstances under which such custody battles can arise out of utterly tragic happenings. As much as a discussion of such heart-breaking matters can elicit feelings of discomfort, the fact of the matter is that sometimes bad things happen, but their legal ramifications still need to be addressed. Turning away could mean sacrificing the best interest of a child.

A present custody battle is ensuing over an infant that is currently living in Texas with her maternal grandparents. At the beginning of Dec. 2012, the murder-suicide committed by a Kansas City Chiefs football player made national headlines. In a tragic series of events, the football player shot his girlfriend and then later shot himself. The two had a child together, and the custody of that child now hangs in the balance as both the paternal grandparents and maternal grandparents fight for custody of the four-month-old child.

According to one report, the paternal grandmother of the infant was given custody following the death of the child’s parents. The paternal grandmother filed a petition to be appointed the guardian of the small child. However, the child was transferred into the care of her maternal grandparents in order to attend her mother’s funeral in Texas. Since then, the mother’s relatives have filed for temporary custody of the child and simultaneously cut-off communication with the paternal grandparents of the child.

This custody dispute is not yet resolved. However, a custody hearing is scheduled in the coming days so more information into this child’s fate may be forthcoming. Whatever the outcome, a family judge will rule in the best interest of this child. Such efforts will ensure that this child grows up in a nurturing environment where she is well provided for, despite her tragic introduction into the world.

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