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Month: May 2016

Small actions can result in divorce

A lot of marriages may end in a final blaze of glory worthy of a Hollywood rom-com but most do not. Most marriages fall apart due to the slow accumulation of taking your partner for granted, acting contemptuously or losing interest. Unfortunately, the...

The ever-changing definition of alimony

Family law is a constantly evolving area of law. Child support guidelines are tweaked. Custody or parenting time and allocation of duties is changed. Alimony guidelines and definitions evolve with the times. Alimony is one of those legal subjects steeped in ancient...

A new definition of human life?

The Missouri legislature is currently considering a new definition of human life. A bill is being debated which, if enacted, would extend the definition of human life to include frozen embryos. This is done to override the judicial rulings that treat frozen embryos as...


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