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May 2016 Archives

Divorce affects older children as well

Divorce rates among older couples are increasing at an impressive rate. These late-divorces come with new problems like how to deal with retirement, pensions and properties at an age when they are approaching retirement and may be unable to work. Additionally, there is a tendency among late-divorce couples to treat their adult children as unaffected by their decision to divorce. But research is showing that divorces are incredibly difficult on adult children.

Small actions can result in divorce

A lot of marriages may end in a final blaze of glory worthy of a Hollywood rom-com but most do not. Most marriages fall apart due to the slow accumulation of taking your partner for granted, acting contemptuously or losing interest. Unfortunately, the only way to stave this off is by taking each day in stride – there are no magical fixes.

How can mediation serve your needs?

There are a plethora of myths surrounding divorce mediation. Mediation is simply another tool used by lawyers and the courts to settle divorces. The increase in divorces has inundated courts and lawyers with cases. In fact, many courts now mandate mediation prior to litigation to get couples to settle out of court. This post will go over mediation and what you can expect from it.

How can unmarried fathers gain custodial rights?

Mothers gain maternal rights over their children just by giving birth to them. Likewise, if a man is married to the mother when she gives birth, he is presumed to be the father. In that case, paternity is automatically established. But for unmarried fathers, there are a few extra steps. This post will go over those steps and how you can gain visitation rights.

Non-invasive prenatal DNA testing is accurate

Paternity disputes once took months or years to resolve. There are painful accounts about timelines, copulation dates and evidence of other partners. This forced many fathers to care for a child that was not theirs. For many other mothers, it meant that the lawful father escaped his duties. Not so today. DNA testing, which even 15 years ago would have been outlandish, is now the norm. This post will go over one of the latest methods.

The ever-changing definition of alimony

Family law is a constantly evolving area of law. Child support guidelines are tweaked. Custody or parenting time and allocation of duties is changed. Alimony guidelines and definitions evolve with the times. Alimony is one of those legal subjects steeped in ancient law but remains relevant today. Judges continue to struggle to rectify the origins of alimony with the realities of modern life. This article will go over those changes and how they impact the interpretation of alimony today.

A new definition of human life?

The Missouri legislature is currently considering a new definition of human life. A bill is being debated which, if enacted, would extend the definition of human life to include frozen embryos. This is done to override the judicial rulings that treat frozen embryos as property for purposes of divorce and post-divorce disputes. If enacted, this would be the first state in the country to expand the definition of human life this far.

Some tips on how to argue with your spouse from the "experts"

Everyone wants to imagine that their life and their problems are uniquely their own. However, this is not true. Social scientists, including many so-called "marriage experts," do hit on some common trends that can help many couples. As you are probably aware, most marriage problems arise due to communication breakdowns. This article will go over some tips on how to avoid this breakdown.

Establishing paternity in Texas, part 1

Paternity can be both a blessing and curse. It's a blessing because it grants legitimate fathers the right to care for and raise their child. It is also a curse because it can mean that non-biological fathers are forced to assume parental and financial responsibility for a child that is not theirs. This article will address the manner in which paternity is established in Texas.


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