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July 2015 Archives

Grandfather battles for visitation with his grandson

Family law issues may present the parties involved with much stress, especially when there are children involved. When parents or grandparents find themselves dealing with the matter of child custody, it can be a struggle. Grandparents have rights, and even though parents may be aware of this, they don't always find it necessary for the grandparents to be part of the child's life or even visit. When this happens, grandparents may find it necessary to take legal action.

Why does standard of living affect the amount of alimony?

Alimony is a common issue that couples discuss when they make the decision to get divorced. In some marriages, there is one spouse who earns a higher wage than the other, especially in cases where one spouse has decided to stay at home and support the family instead of working a full-time job. Like many legal matters, in order for someone to receivealimony, there is a process that must be followed before courts can order someone to make these payments to their former spouse.

Spousal support may be paid for a limited time or indefinitely

When two people divorce, there is the chance that one spouse will be awarded spousal support. This may be seen as unfair, but the courts have decided one spouse deserves to be supported financially despite the marriage coming to an end. Even though one person may be awarded alimony, there are certain circumstances that affect how long someone may make these payments. People may assume that when they are awarded spousal support that these payments will continue for the rest of their lives, but this may not be true.

What are the benefits of an uncontested divorce?

People may assume that when a couple is going through a divorce that there are many nasty disputes that will take place. The truth is that it is possible for two people to simply agree to divorce and not have any left over issues to discuss prior to the divorce being granted. If a couple does not have any disputes to resolve, their divorce is considered uncontested.

Man pays alimony that is higher than his monthly income

One common issue couples going through a divorce will dispute over is alimony. One spouse may feel they should not have to pay anything, while the other spouse may disagree. With the decision being left up to the court, chances are that one spouse will be unhappy with the results. Even though there are certain things that are examined when deciding how much a former spouse will receive monthly in alimony, the amount decided upon may not always seems like a fair payment to the paying spouse.

Why fathers should prove parentage of their children

When parents find themselves in the midst of a custody battle, the father may be presented with a variety of obstacles. One of these obstacles could be the mother filing a paternity action to prove parentage. With parentage affecting whether or not a father is awarded child custody and the relationship he will have with his child, it is important that he establish that he is the father sooner rather than later.

Parents could lose child custody due to medical child abuse

When parents are awarded custody of their children, it is important that they properly care for them. In some cases, this means getting their child treated for their illness or taking them to the doctor when there's a serious health issue. Many parents may feel as though they are making a smart decision when getting help for their children's medical issues, but they should be careful because the decisions they make about their children's health could get them into trouble.

Common uses for money received from child support

When child support is awarded to one parent, it is not unusual for each parent to assume that it may only be used when supplying their child with clothes, food and shelter. With these items being necessities, it is easy to see why parents may be under the impression that certain items should not be purchased with money that is supposed to be for taking care of the child. What people don't know is that there are many things that these payments could cover that parents may not think to use child support money to purchase.

How a child custody attorney can help with your case

When two people are divorcing, they may experience disputes over many things, but when there are children involved, child custody may be considered more important than anything else. Even though the parents should be focused on what is best for the children, it is often difficult for them to agree on an arrangement because each one may feel they are the better choice. If this happens, the parents may find themselves in court, where each will have to prove why they are the ideal parent for their children to live with.


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