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Why fathers should prove parentage of their children

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2015 | Paternity

When parents find themselves in the midst of a custody battle, the father may be presented with a variety of obstacles. One of these obstacles could be the mother filing a paternity action to prove parentage. With parentage affecting whether or not a father is awarded child custody and the relationship he will have with his child, it is important that he establish that he is the father sooner rather than later.

In recent years, courts have been starting to recognize the importance of both parents being involved in the lives of their children. It is for that reason fathers who want to be there as their children grow should prove parentage. If a father wants to prove parentage and take responsibility for his children, it is common for the courts to require him to take a paternity test. If this test proves that he is in fact the father of the child, then he can begin to care for his child and even be able to gain custody.

Many child custody cases call for the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney. Parents may often disagree on who their child should live with or what type of custody should be awarded, but with the help of an attorney, a father can be a part of his child’s life. The mother may not realize it, but the father being present will benefit her and the child. The father can help support the child financially, but also have a fair share in raising him or her.

If you are in the midst of a custody battle and your parentage has been questioned, a paternity attorney at the Law Office of Nancy H. Boler may be able to assist. Your child deserves to have both parents present as he or she grows. If proving parentage will allow that to happen, and the court is requesting this proof before you can exercise your rights as a father, then it is something that must be done.


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