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Grandfather battles for visitation with his grandson

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2015 | Family Law

Family law issues may present the parties involved with much stress, especially when there are children involved. When parents or grandparents find themselves dealing with the matter of child custody, it can be a struggle. Grandparents have rights, and even though parents may be aware of this, they don’t always find it necessary for the grandparents to be part of the child’s life or even visit. When this happens, grandparents may find it necessary to take legal action.

One grandfather has recently found himself battling with the father of his grandchild to be a part of the child’s life. Prior to the father being awarded custody of the child, the grandmother was the legal guardian. When guardianship was dissolved and the father began taking care of the boy, the grandfather’s problems began. Even though the grandfather has been awarded visitation, and the father has been ordered to let the grandfather visit his grandson, the father has allegedly made this extremely difficult.

It is not unusual for grandparents to want to exercise their rights in order to be involved in the life of their grandchild. In some cases, like this one, one or both parents may be reluctant and not want to allow the grandparents access to the child. This is something that all parties may want to think about before making such a big decision because it can affect the child.

Parents and grandparents who have found it difficult to be a part of a child’s life may want to contact a family law attorney. These types of attorneys may be familiar with certain family law matters and may be able to help with child custody cases. The child deserves to have a relationship with his or her grandparents and an attorney may be able to make that happen.

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