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May 2013 Archives

Higher poverty risk for Texas children of single-parent homes

For single parents in Texas, trying to balance raising a child with bringing in an income can be incredibly difficult. Being present and supportive for the child can be difficult while also trying to secure an income to provide clothes, food, school supplies, health care, child care and everything else.

Divorce can mean a happier future, but the process is not easy

Last week, we discussed how a no-fault divorce can prove to be an extremely cost-effective manner for couples in Texas to end their marriage. No fault-divorce laws were first passed in the 1960s, and now every state allows individuals to pursue divorce in this manner.

No-fault divorce: a cost-effective option for a tight budget

Before worrying about the invariable finical ramifications of finalizing a divorce in Texas, many are concerned with affording the divorce itself rather than the aftermath. Obtaining a divorce is not free, but it does not have to be an expense that is out of reach.

A gray divorce does not have to mean a bleak retirement

It is inevitable that a divorce in Texas will change the financial picture of each parting spouse. However, this change can present more ramifications for an older individual that is divorcing and has less time to recoup for their retirement. The increase in the rate of “gray divorce” over the last 20 years means that many newly-single or soon-to-be-single individuals in their 50s may need to quickly rethink their retirement plans.

Pets: an invaluable sense of stability for children of divorce

The issue of pet custody following a divorce was a topic of discussion last week. We mentioned that innocent animals can often get caught as pawns of revenge in divorce when an angry ex will attempt to win custody of a pet in an expensive war of attrition. In Texas, pets are considered property and awarded as such in a courtroom. Many are hoping for changes to these laws. However, it is not just divorcing couples without children that can develop a close attachment to pets.

Woman creates divorce conference to share experience, knowledge

When one woman decided to divorce, she knew that she was in for an emotionally turbulent ride, but there were far more avenues that she did not think about until she was confronting them with uncertainty. Successfully emerging on the other side of divorce for a happier, healthier life, the woman decided that she wanted to take her knowledge and experience to help other individuals similarly embarking on a divorce.

Animal advocates hope for laws to view pets as more than property

Pets are very often considered part of the family. Much as child custody cases can be highly contentious, so too can pet custody be contentious following a couple's divorce. However, under Texas family law, pets are viewed as property rather than family members. This means that there are not guidelines in place that can take into account the best interest of the dog or the cat in cases of divorce.


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