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Mario Williams taking ex-fiance to court over engagement ring

On Behalf of | May 9, 2013 | Family Law

Not all couples make it to Happily Ever After or even “I Do,” after he gets down on one knee and she squeals, “YES!”

So who gets the ring when the tears of happiness turn to tears of frustration, a and couple decides to call off their engagement? This question is being taken to court by Texas native and professional football player Mario Williams. The football player asked his girlfriend to marry him with a $785,000 engagement ring.

However, long before divorce, or even marriage, relations between the couple dissolved. After parting ways early this year, William’s former fiance was not too keen to part with her 10.04 carat diamond engagement ring.

Williams is now suing his ex in Harris County Court to recover the ring. He says that his former fiance promised that should the couple decide to call off the marriage, she would return the ring. However, when she called of the engagement almost a year later, she refused to return the diamond. The lawsuit further says in effect that the football player’s ex used the relationship as a tool to acquire gifts and money.

The football player’s ex would likely dispute these allegations, but it will now be left to a court to determine the fate of this diamond. Williams requested that the court hold onto the ring until the dispute is resolved, but it is unclear if this request will be granted.

While this high-asset engagement cancelation could be expensive, a high-asset divorce would have totaled a lot more in Texas. Any divorcing individual should seek a skilled family law attorney in ending their marriage, but individuals with substantial amounts of wealth and assets can stand to lose a lot, and would especially do well to consult experienced legal counsel.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Mario Williams Wants Engagement Ring Back: Bills DE Suing Ex-Fiancee Over $785,000 Ring (VIDEO),” Chris Greenberg, May 8, 2013


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