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November 2015 Archives

Do I have to disclose info about all of my assets and property?

When two people make the decision to go through with a divorce, it can be an emotional time for them. They have built a life together, and as it comes to an end, they may have difficulty letting go. As with anything, when there are emotions involved, people may not be thinking clearly when they are handling important matters. When it comes to divorce, emotions and a number of other things can get in the way and prevent people from disclosing everything they should to the courts, ultimately dragging out the divorce process.

Challenge paternity of your child

When a child is born, depending on the circumstances, a man is presumed to be the father of that child. However, just because he is the presumed father does not mean that he is in fact the father. Should the mother or the man who has been acting as the child's father have questions or want to prove that he is or isn't the child's biological father, they may decide to challenge paternity.

Why a judge may deny a divorce settlement agreement

The process of divorce can be very long and trying for couples and their attorneys. Since there are a number of topics that need to be discussed, it should not be a surprise that divorces can take months and sometimes years to be finalized. Knowing that this process can be long, some couples may choose to work together to find a solution rather than argue or engage in heated disputes in hopes of getting what they want. It can be wise for couples to agree on things, but they have to remember that a judge can still deny their settlement agreement.

How can a person's income affect their spousal support?

Spousal support or alimony can sometimes be a difficult topic for a divorcing couple to discuss. Like many divorce legal matters, when a couple cannot find a resolution that they both can agree upon, a judge will decide for them. With this being the case, there's a possibility that the spouse who is requesting spousal support will not get alimony, or they will get very little. Not only could this be due to how long the couple were married or their standard of living, a judge could also award a small amount of spousal support due to a person's income.

Deion Sanders and ex-wife once again battle for child custody

Child custody is a serious issue when two parents cannot agree on an arrangement. For months, they may go back and forth on what they think should be done or what is the best arrangement for them and the child, but in the end, they may let the courts decide for them. Some couples may think that figuring it out for themselves is the easiest thing to do, but other parents may like the possibility of the courts deciding in their favor after all the facts are examined.

Choose divorce over legal separation

When people get married, they may plan to stay together for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, things don't always go that way and people end up getting divorced. It is very common for couples to experience difficulties in their marriage that will leave them wondering if they should try to work through them or throw in the towel. After weighing their options and looking at the state of the marriage, some may choose to take a break and become legally separated while others simply choose to divorce and end it all.


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