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Do I have to disclose info about all of my assets and property?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2015 | Divorce

When two people make the decision to go through with a divorce, it can be an emotional time for them. They have built a life together, and as it comes to an end, they may have difficulty letting go. As with anything, when there are emotions involved, people may not be thinking clearly when they are handling important matters. When it comes to divorce, emotions and a number of other things can get in the way and prevent people from disclosing everything they should to the courts, ultimately dragging out the divorce process.

After a couple has decided to divorce, they will move forward and begin to discuss various divorce legal matters over the next few months or years, depending on how difficult or easy it is for them to agree on issues and resolve disputes. Among the information that spouses are to discuss and disclose to the courts in their divorce decree, is their property and assets. Many couples who marry have acquired property before and during the marriage. Since many states have laws and rules about how property and assets are divided, couples who are divorcing need to include this information in their divorce decree.

Should a person fail to include every piece of information about their property and assets in their divorce decree, there is a good chance that the courts will find out that one or both spouses have been financially deceptive. If this happens, the decree may be thrown out. This means that the entire process will be postponed, and the two people will not be legally divorced until the issues are properly addressed, and a judge is willing to finalize the decree.

Divorces are hard enough to deal with, so when you begin the process you want to ensure you do everything correctly. No one wants to waste time dealing with the legal matters only to have their divorce decree thrown out because they failed to do something. If you have questions and concerns or need assistance during the divorce process, an attorney may be able to help you.


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