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March 2011 Archives

Avoid financial pitfalls of divorce, part 2

Last week, we left you with a couple of tips on how to protect your money and credit report during or after a split. There is more to a divorce than the family and emotional aspect. It's crucial for you to think about the immediate and future financial implications that are to come.

Grasp of divorce and Social Security leads to security in divorce

Divorce alone raises complex questions and equations when it comes to property division and figuring out spousal support. According to financial professionals and divorce attorneys, the issue of Social Security benefits largely contributes to the complicated nature of divorce. But from a financial standpoint, understanding Social Security benefits and your spousal rights to them is crucial if you want your fair share of financial support after divorce.

"I've dropped the divorce," announces Billy Ray Cyrus

It sounds like good news for the once happy Cyrus family. Today, sources report that Billy Ray Cyrus announced on "The View" that he and his wife have called off their divorce. Billy Ray shares that the family has come back together in a healthy, strong way.

Sheen's home raided; child custody agreement settled

In our March 2 post we discussed Charlie Sheen and his estranged wife's newest drama. For a while since their breakup, it looked as though the couple was working well together throughout their divorce process. But apparently, Sheen's recent antics had inspired a change of heart in Brooke Mueller.

Married to the military: Military women divorce at higher rate

Now working in Texas for an organization that supports female military veterans, one female veteran has had to work hard to get accustomed to her post-military life. Part of that new life was divorce. She had been married to a fellow service member, but they divorced when he reportedly had an extramarital affair.

Study finds link between high level of happiness and divorce

It is hard to believe because the public puts such a negative stigma on divorce. TV programs and movies depict divorce as a dark, gloomy introduction to a sad, lonely life. But the results of a British study show that happiness and divorce can come hand-in- hand.

Child custody dispute interrupts Sheen's other dramas

When he played "Wild Thing" in the hit Major League, casting directors likely had no idea how wild Charlie Sheen's life would turn out. Wild, in fact, doesn't even cover the events of the actor's life over the past year alone. And it looks like the crazy nature of the year has resulted in the most recent drama of the star's highly-publicized life.


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