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Sheen’s home raided; child custody agreement settled

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2011 | Child Custody

In our March 2 post we discussed Charlie Sheen and his estranged wife’s newest drama. For a while since their breakup, it looked as though the couple was working well together throughout their divorce process. But apparently, Sheen’s recent antics had inspired a change of heart in Brooke Mueller.

Last week, she filed a restraining order against Sheen and also requested that their two twin boys be taken out of his home. Debate regarding their child custody arrangement ensued after officials took the boys. If sources have it right, however, Sheen and Mueller have come to an agreement about their custody arrangement.

The details of the alleged child custody agreement have not been made public. Both parents and the family law attorneys agree that it’s best to keep the final decisions private for the best interests of the children. The aspect of privacy is somewhat surprising, as Sheen has kept very little about his chaotic life private over the last month.

According to CNN, not even the star’s home’s privacy was safe this week. Last night, authorities reportedly searched Sheen’s home in response to the restraining order Mueller has filed. If a restraining order is out against someone, that person isn’t supposed to have firearms. Police were tipped off that Sheen is a registered gun owner and, therefore, they searched his home in order to seize any firearms that might be in the home.

All the authorities found and took were an antique gun and some bullets. Some have been surprised to hear that the police found no drugs in the Los Angeles home. Sheen has a history of drug abuse and has displayed recently erratic behavior.

When the details of the couple’s child custody arrangement are revealed, we will post an update. What do you think they agreed upon? As a parent, would you trust Sheen to care for two toddlers?

Source “Antique gun, bullets taken from Charlie Sheen’s home after search,” 11 Mar. 2011


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