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“I’ve dropped the divorce,” announces Billy Ray Cyrus

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2011 | Divorce

It sounds like good news for the once happy Cyrus family. Today, sources report that Billy Ray Cyrus announced on “The View” that he and his wife have called off their divorce. Billy Ray shares that the family has come back together in a healthy, strong way.

The most famous Cyrus of them all, Miley, has been watched during the last several months, with the public following her reaction to her parents’ looming divorce. Sure, she is 18 years old, but facing one’s parents’ divorce can be a lot to take, no matter what age a child is.

Plus, the stress of Miley’s parents’ divorce could have been high due to her dad’s statements about the cause of the split. The reason behind the now-cancelled divorce was somewhat surprising and left some critics concerned that the reason put a lot of pressure on young Miley.

As we shared in a previous post, Miley’s parents announced last October that they planned on ending their 17-year marriage. According to various statements from Billy Ray, he largely blamed Miley’s fame for ruining the family. People magazine reports that the former country singer claims that the family would have been better off if Miley had never reached the level of fame she did through “Hannah Montana.”

Fortunately, if Billy Ray’s account of the family’s current situation is true, it seems as though the Cyrus family is on its way toward healing. Says Billy Ray, “I feel like I got my Miley back … I feel like we’re the daddy and daughter we were before ‘Hannah Montana.'”

Again, that sounds like the stability of the family depends a lot on Miley, which could be a lot for the young celeb to deal with. Miley is an adult now, and if fame were truly the problem, she could fear how her future success might affect her parents’ relationship.

Our resource doesn’t provide statements from Miley, but we will be sure to post an update as more statements and details behind the Cyrus’ divorce and now reunion become available.

What do you think about this family situation?


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