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Why a judge may deny a divorce settlement agreement

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2015 | Family Law

The process of divorce can be very long and trying for couples and their attorneys. Since there are a number of topics that need to be discussed, it should not be a surprise that divorces can take months and sometimes years to be finalized. Knowing that this process can be long, some couples may choose to work together to find a solution rather than argue or engage in heated disputes in hopes of getting what they want. It can be wise for couples to agree on things, but they have to remember that a judge can still deny their settlement agreement.

When couples sit down to negotiate terms of their divorce and resolve issues, they are to submit their settlement agreement to a judge. A judge will then review the settlement agreement, and either approve or deny it. In many cases, settlement agreements are approved, but there are some instances where it will be denied by a judge. A good example of this is if the judge does not feel as though the agreement is fair to both spouses.

Some settlement agreements may favor one spouse, leaving the other with very little after the divorce. A judge may look at the agreement and realize this and decide that it cannot be approved because it is unfair. Even though both parties may have agreed to this, there is still a chance that they will have to revisit certain issues and agree on terms that are fair to everyone involved. After doing so, a judge may then approve the settlement agreement, and the divorce can be finalized.

Couples who are going through a divorce will have a lot to discuss and may need an attorney to help them. It is fairly easy for things to become heated between two spouses when they are not getting what they want. However, if couples go about things the right way, these types of disputes can be avoided, and the divorce can be finalized in a timely manner. Anyone who is considering divorce or may be planning to file should contact an attorney as they may be able to assist you with the process.


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