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Well-known artist in rap world is cleared of paternity suit

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2012 | Paternity

It isn’t uncommon to hear of a celebrity being the target of a paternity action. Heck, there was even a paternity action filed against squeaky clean teen star Justin Bieber. While “The Biebs” was cleared of the accusation that he fathered a baby, another music star is facing that same music this week.

Rick Ross of the rap music world was accused by a Georgia woman of being responsible for her baby and not paying child support. Ross insisted that he had never had a sexual relationship with the woman and, therefore, he couldn’t be the father. These types of disputes are what paternity tests are made for.

The DNA test recently revealed that Ross, in fact, is not the father of the child at the center of this child support dispute. He owes no responsibility to the woman or her child, meaning that the mother should look elsewhere in order to try to identify the father and get the financial support that she needs and deserves for her child.

It is easy for the public to hastily assume that a woman goes after a celebrity with a paternity suit because he has deep pockets. But we can’t know the truth behind every personal situation. Sure, the paternity test proved that Ross wasn’t the father of the child, but no lie detector test was given to prove that Ross and the woman never had a relationship.

She might have truly believed that the rapper was the father of her child. If that were the case, she owed it to her child to fight for the support he undoubtedly needs to be raised in a stable environment. Hopefully, the child will somehow still get the support he needs. Every child deserves that.

Source: Miami New Times, “Rick Ross Cleared by Paternity Test, Accuser’s Search for Baby Daddy Continues,” Victor Gonzalez, July 2, 2012


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