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Palin boy’s profanity reignites child custody dispute

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2012 | Child Custody

It might be tough to believe, but Bristol Palin and her ex-boyfriend’s son Tripp is old enough to talk at this point, and he’s saying some pretty surprising words. It seems like just yesterday pregnant Bristol and Levi Johnston were sitting in the crowd of political spectators watching Sarah Palin’s campaign for Vice President of the United States. Now, the baby is a little boy whose parents never tied the knot and are in a child custody dispute.

For some time, it looked like Bristol and Levi were going to work things out and try to make it as a married couple and family. But ultimately, the two never married and instead have been going head to head with some public and negative comments about each other, their families and their parenting. Levi has a new reason he is seeking a child custody modification for his son.

Bristol and their son Tripp star in a new reality show called “Life’s a Tripp.” It essentially follows the mother and son and the famous Palin family. In one of the reality show episodes, the public learned that the seemingly squeaky clean Palin family has its dirtier moments, too. Tripp is caught using a swear word on camera. Levi is not happy.

His son using the “f” word supports Levi’s argument that his ex-girlfriend Bristol is not doing a solid enough parenting job. Levi reportedly wants to modify the family’s custody arrangement. More specifically, TMZ claims that Levi wants full custody of Tripp. It’s no secret that Levi doesn’t like the Palin family and how they’ve portrayed him to the world.

Who likes and doesn’t like whom, however, generally wouldn’t be a concern that a family court would consider. If Levi wants full custody of Tripp, the court would simply look at whether that change in arrangement would better serve the boy’s best interests.

Source: TMZ, “Levi Johnston Slams Bristol Palin’s Parenting, Wants Full Custody Of Son,” Aug. 6, 2012


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