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Now, daddy’s identity can be confirmed sooner and safely

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2011 | Paternity

Not all pregnancies are the same. Family situations are different. Sometimes, a mother or a possible father is unsure about a child’s paternity. Can you imagine the stress that such doubt would create during pregnancy?

What if you were an expecting mother and the man you think is the father already rejects his supposed fatherhood. The baby isn’t even born yet, but you already have to think about battling for child support. A new test is available for those who are desperate to find out the paternity of a child before he or she is born.

According to Time, a company has created a test that would clear up questions regarding paternity as soon as 12 weeks into a woman’s pregnancy. What makes the new test even more appealing is that it reportedly poses no harm to the baby. Until now, the processes of identifying paternity in utero were connected to higher risks of losing a pregnancy.

With the new paternity test, which costs a reported $1,625, a sample of the mother’s blood is necessary, and the test finds fetal DNA in it. That DNA is compared with the DNA of a supposed father. The test manufacturer claims that the test results are 99 percent accurate.

So, while the test is somewhat expensive, it offers people a chance to ease any concerns about paternity before the baby is born. The cost could be worth it for many. It could mean less stress on an expecting mother. If paternity is established sooner, that gives a mother more time and ammunition to work with if fighting for child support is something she has to do. Fathers also look to protect their parental rights, and knowing paternity sooner also gives them that chance.


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