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Halle Berry and ex’s child custody dispute winds down

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2011 | Child Custody

A few weeks ago, we shared a post about Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry and a family law issue she’s involved in. She has a young daughter with her now ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. While the couple’s split last year might have gone smoothly, when it came to finalizing the terms of child custody, things got a bit rocky for a while.

Despite critics’ initial thoughts that the custody issue would be handled amicably by the couple, unfortunately, it did not turn out that way, at least not immediately after Aubry filed for child custody. Both Aubry and Berry said things that upset the other and got the public buzzing.

Fortunately for the entire family, it looks like Berry and Aubry have now found a way to work together again in order to protect their parental relationship and the wellbeing of their daughter.

Whereas Aubry filed a paternity action and requested joint custody of their daughter in December, he has now reportedly called off the legal request, including his request that Berry pay monthly child support. The Huffington Post says that Aubry is still pursuing the paternity action, as a formal establishment of the parent-child relationship will endow him with more rights.

As for the next step for Berry and Aubry, reports indicate that the parents will attempt to settle child custody and support details outside of court. With the ugliness of the he said she said that accompanied the recent case, they very well saw how it would be better for their daughter and relationship if they handle the family law issue in a more private matter.


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