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‘Ocean’s Eleven’ director’s affair leads to paternity suit

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2011 | Paternity

You’ve likely seen his movies: “Ocean’s Eleven,” “Erin Brakovich,” “Traffic” and more. Now, however, director and producer Steven Soderbergh is starring in a real-life family law dispute.

According to sources, Soderbergh had a short-lived romance with a woman while working in Australia. The fling reportedly resulted in a baby, and now the Australian mother wants Soderbergh held accountable.

The famous director is currently married; he was separated from his current wife at the time of the 2009 affair. The child custody suit, however, shouldn’t be a big surprise to Soderbergh’s wife. Sources claim that the famous director found out about the child early on and was honest with his wife about the affair and resulting pregnancy.

There is an element of surprise in the case, but it’s Soderbergh who is surprised. Reports claim that he doesn’t understand why the Australian mother has taken their situation to a New York court. The director’s attorney says that his client has been working to come to an agreement with the mother for several months. Soderbergh has supposedly admitted that he could be the father of the now 5-month-old baby girl and volunteered to take a DNA test in order to verify his paternity.

Because he had been working to come to child support negotiations with the mother over the past year through the Australian system, Soderbergh didn’t expect the case to wind up in New York. The director’s representation suspects that the mother moved the custody suit into Manhattan because she thinks she can get more money out of Soderbergh there compared to in Australia.

We will post an update when new information is available.


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