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Former ‘American Idol’ judge Cowell at center of divorce dispute

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2011 | Spousal Support

We might not be seeing Simon Cowell’s devious grin on this new season of “American Idol,” but that doesn’t mean we aren’t seeing the once popular judge’s name in the news. The most recent news involving the star has little to do with his hectic schedule as a mogul in the entertainment world.

Instead, he is battling allegations that he is helping hide the wealth of a woman’s husband during the couple’s litigious divorce process. The family law hearing has been in progress this week, wherein an attorney representing Cowell has spoken against the woman’s accusations against the star.

The wife in this unusual case, 47, is seemingly desperate for her soon-to-be ex to agree to pay her the financial support she needs. She reportedly cares for the couple’s two teen daughters and is using the fact that she couldn’t afford their private schooling as support for her argument that she needs more money.

Our resource doesn’t indicate exactly how much in spousal and child support that the estranged wife is requesting per month. Whatever amount she wants, however, her husband claims that he simply cannot afford to pay it. Sources report that the 49-year-old business “tycoon” insists that he cannot support his family as requested due to losing money in failed property investments.

His wife confidently suspects that he is lying. And, she claims, he’s being aided in his lies by some of his wealthy friends, including Cowell. She’s suggested that Cowell and others have some of her husband’s millions in their accounts.

At least in the case of Cowell, he and his attorney vehemently deny the accusations stemming from the family law battle. And, based on reports, the judge presiding over the case agrees that the wife’s accusations seem unfounded at this point. She still refused to take back her allegations when given that chance yesterday.

When there are updates to this case, we will keep you informed.


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