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Comedienne Roseanne doesn’t think child custody dispute is funny

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2011 | Child Custody

We are used to seeing funny lady Roseanne Barr with a big smile on her face. A current family law dispute between her and her ex-husband, however, is nothing to smile about. Barr is actually suing her ex, alleging that he has violated the confidentiality agreement that the two of them reportedly made when finalizing their child custody agreement.

The couple divorced in 2002, but as the recent dispute shows, just because a divorce is officially finalized doesn’t mean one of the parties won’t take issue with the settlement down the road. That’s especially true if one or both of the parties believes that the contract was violated, such as in this high-profile case.

According to Hollywood sources, Barr’s ex Ben Thomas accuses Barr of not living up to her end of a child custody bargain. The two are the parents of a 15-year-old boy. When Barr moved to Hawaii with the child, she reportedly agreed to pay for Thomas’ travel expenses to visit the child in Hawaii for a certain amount of time each year. Thomas claims that Barr hasn’t paid for the costs travel as promised.

Reports do not indicate that Barr is denying violating that part of the child custody agreement. She, however, is going after Thomas for his violation of the deal. Part of the contract was that their divorce details would be kept private, a point that Thomas allegedly ignored when he filed unsealed documents about his complaint regarding the child custody violation.

Sources report that the exes appeared in court yesterday to air their grievances. There are not yet reports regarding the details of the hearing and any possible legal resolutions that might have been suggested or agreed upon.

Source “Exclusive: Roseanne Barr And Ex-Husband Square-Off In Court Over Custody Agreement,” 7 Apr. 2011


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