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Sanders’ Texas divorce escalates into domestic violence matter

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2012 | Divorce

We have written about the acrimonious divorce between ex-football star Deion Sanders and his estranged wife Pilar on this blog before. Deion filed for divorce in December, and since then, the celebrity split has grown into a more dramatic, heated process by the day.

As shared previously, Pilar is putting up a fight with regards to the Texas divorce. She believes that she has been treated unfairly by her husband and during the divorce process. Her disappointment in her treatment since the divorce filing has moved her to sue Deion and his daughter for harming her with words and threats. But now, according to The Associated Press, it is Pilar who allegedly has stepped out of line.

Sources report that Pilar was recently arrested in Texas following an alleged domestic violence incident at the estranged couple’s home. Deion and Pilar continue to live on the same property, a setup that might seem financially savvy but also might be setting the famous family up for more tension and acrimony.

Pilar allegedly got physical with Deion, an act that Deion claims was witnessed by the couple’s children. AP reports that Deion initially posted photos of the kids filling out police reports regarding the incident. He posted other messages on social networking boards about the alleged attack as well but later took them down, likely based on advice from his attorney.

A judge has ordered Pilar to stay away from the family’s home for 60 days. Neither she nor Deion is allowed to discuss their pending divorce, though her attorney does suggest that the court will get a more honest picture of Pilar once she’s had a chance to present her side of the story.

As usual, we will post an update when there are developments in this high-profile Texas divorce.

Source: Associated Press, “Deion Sanders cited for spat with estranged wife,” April 24, 2012


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