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Why you should hire a child custody lawyer

On Behalf of | May 29, 2015 | Child Custody

When getting divorced or ending a domestic relationship where there are children involved, the discussion over child custody, or conservatorship, will follow. The start of a child custody dispute may call for the help of a Texas child custody lawyer. In that case, attorneys at the Law Office of Nancy H. Boler are available to assist those in the Houston area who are in the midst of a custody battle.

Prior to going to court, parents have the option of submitting a parenting plan, which proposes who will have custody of the child and who will have visitation rights. If there is not a parenting plan established or the parents cannot agree, it becomes a complex custody case, therefore giving the court full decision-making power of who is awarded custody.

These types of disagreements can quickly turn into an emotional dispute between the parents, which will involve a lot more work than just deciding where the child will live. During most child custody disputes, child custody, possession orders, visitation rights and guardianship will be discussed in an attempt to find a living situation that works best for the children, but also allows each parent to maintain a relationship with their children. There are many factors that are looked at, such as how much each parent has contributed to the child’s upbringing and how well the parents communicate, but the child’s wishes are also considered when the courts decide to whom conservatorship will be awarded.

With there being so much to be examined when courts are determining conservatorship, people who are seeking to obtain sole-managing or joint-managing conservatorship should hire a child custody lawyer to help them along the way.

If you are currently seeking custody of your children, a Texas child custody lawyer can assist you with your child custody case.


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