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Disappoint on Mother’s Day? Your wife might feel urge to stray

On Behalf of | May 18, 2011 | Divorce

Did you buy your wife flowers on Mother’s Day? How about a box of chocolates? Maybe you went all out and reserved her a trip to the local day spa.

But if you did nothing, you might want to watch out. Your wife might have thoughts of having an affair or getting a divorce on her mind.

At least that’s the message from a now-notorious website The business gets clients with its controversial slogan, “Life is short. Have an affair,” and reported that more than 52,000 moms across the country signed up for its online dating service the day after Mother’s Day.

Don’t think that the timing was coincidental. Fox Business quotes the site’s founder as suspecting that many moms joined the dating site because they were so disappointed with the lack of attention that their spouses and families paid to them on the Mother’s Day holiday.

He reports that on a typical day, about 3,000 women sign up for the site. Again, the number of new registered mom users after Mother’s Day was more than 52,000. That’s quite a dramatic difference.

If you’re a husband in Texas, Arizona and North Carolina, you better be extra careful next Mother’s Day: According to sources, San Antonio, Phoenix and Charlotte were the top three cities for message activity on

It’s difficult to tell if the discontented moms signing up to the site are actually interested in engaging in infidelity or are instead playing a game of make-believe, blowing off steam by signing up for a digital fantasy that they have no real intention of pursuing.

But the message to husbands is a clear one: Don’t skimp on the flowers, candies and personal attention on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or anniversaries. And if you do forget one of these big days, maybe you should hide the family computer.


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