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Marie gets married, to her first husband for second time

On Behalf of | May 5, 2011 | Divorce

There are cynics in this world, and then there are optimists. The news that music star Marie Osmond has remarried a man she has already divorced in her life seems to have revealed the identities of the cynics and optimists out there. Or, perhaps, too many people still look at divorce as a negative without giving that stigma enough thought.

A Forbes blog reports that Osmond just married her ex of 30 years. He was her first husband, and together they actually have an adult son. A few years ago, Osmond got out of her second marriage – and it looks like she’s hoping that the third time is the charm! That hope is where people’s views on the logic of divorce and remarrying an ex divide.

The Forbes post identifies various celebrities who have remarried prior loves and wound up divorcing, again. Among the listed examples are Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner, Larry King and one of his ex’s, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, etc. Some critics are predicting that Osmond’s second marriage with her husband will follow the path of these examples and end in divorce.

That theory comes from the idea that if Osmond and her husband didn’t work as a couple the first time around, then they will likely find themselves unhappy with the same things in each other again. One relationship counselor challenges that theory, however, and stresses that a lot can change within and between people over the course of 30 years.

Maybe Osmond and her husband are more compatible now. We don’t all stay exactly the same people forever, right?

A last point: So what if the couple’s second marriage doesn’t last forever? Is divorce such a terrible thing? It has made them happy in the past and led them back into each other’s arms, at least for now. Sometimes, even a moment’s happiness is all it takes to make a marriage successful, not until death do us part.


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