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Father to be reunited with his child after painful custody battle

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2013 | Child Custody

Child custody is a contentious issue for both married and unmarried couples. In other instances, disputes surrounding child custody can also occur between adoptive parents and biological parents as well. Whatever the circumstances, a family law attorney can serve as an advocate for an individual looking to protect the best interest of a child.

Back in Dec. we posted about an unusual case in which a biological father was fighting to be reunited with his daughter that is almost 2-years-old after the little girl was given up for adoption without the father’s knowledge by his then-wife.

Reportedly, the man’s wife decided she did not want the child while the man was stationed in another state as a member of the army, and the couple was experiencing marital discord. Unknown to the father, the wife then gave the child up for adoption after she gave birth in Texas.

The adoptive parents that lived in another state were informed that the father had not consented to this arrangement and that there was a possibility he could pursue regaining custody. However, once the father tried to reclaim his child, the adoptive parents felt no need to cooperate.

What ensued was a saga that spanned courtrooms, and had a story line that touched several states. However, in a happy ending for this father that has been plagued by the distance from his child, the man was given custody of the little girl last week. This action effectively reversed when this father had his parental rights wrongfully stripped. While this is not the official end, it does look as though this 21-month battle is almost coming to a close for this happy father.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Birth Father finally gets custody of toddler,” Brady McCombs, Jan. 25, 2013

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