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High conflict Texas divorces can exact high emotional toll

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2013 | Divorce

Last week we posted about methods through which Texas couples that are looking to quickly part ways and are largely in agreement on the terms of a divorce can end their marital union in an uncontested divorce. While in an ideal world where a marriage no longer functions as the spouses would like, both parties can part on amicable terms and remain cordial for the sake of any children, this is not always the case. Some divorces are a far cry from uncontested.

Some divorces in Texas and elsewhere across the country are fueled by anger, betrayal, hurt, sadness and a host of other emotions a couple did not anticipate when they walked down the aisle. In such happenings, parties are often unwilling to compromise and long, drawn out litigation can ensue.

In an out-of-state divorce, a couple has been in and out of a courtroom battling over the terms of their divorce. Disputes about home videos and baseball card collections have gone before a judge, but there is a far more sensitive topic that is also at the root of the former couple’s dispute.

The couple’s son was killed by a drunk driver. The mother has the ashes, but the father would like to have a portion as well to bury at a family plot. The mother is unwilling, calling the request “insensitive.” A family law judge has ruled that the ashes are not property to be divided. Accordingly, these former spouses may have to work to some sort of agreement.

There are often several complicating circumstances and emotions that fuel the desire for a divorce. Sometimes, divorce proceedings can become highly contentious. High conflict divorces can become a power struggle with a large emotional toll. In such instances, it is often important for an individual to retain an experienced family law attorney that is willing to be a fierce advocate in hopes of quickly obtaining a resolution so the individual can continue with their life.

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