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Does your ex know all your passwords?

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2012 | Divorce

There have been numerous instances in which we have detailed on this blog the manner in which ever-evolving technology is having a significant impact on the divorce proceedings of Texas couples. Very recently, we blogged about an out-of-state father that may be denied a child support modification because of the content he posted to his Facebook page.

However, it is not just social media that can get an individual into a sticky situation when divorcing. Phones can be a large source of trouble as well. For iPhone users that back their information up to the iCloud, many do not think twice about the fact that all of their email correspondence, text messages and other information could be accessible to their ex if they once shared an iTunes account.

Further, teenagers often inherit a parent’s old cellphone. It is important if a parent gives their old device to a teenager to wipe it clean so prying exes cannot gain important information, or critical details surrounding contact with a family law attorney or other parties that could impact divorce proceedings.

Finally, many individuals in Texas are guilty of automatically using the same password for all of their accounts. Experts always warn against this, but remembering a different password for every password-protected website and device can be cumbersome. Therefore many individuals use the same password for multiple protected things and it is typically the case that an individual’s ex is privy to that password. Accordingly, individuals are urged to change their passwords for everything once splitting from an ex so that the ex does not have access to an individual’s personal, private information and correspondences.

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