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Olivia Wilde: Divorcing young had its benefits

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2012 | Divorce

In our last post, we told Texas readers about a study that found that divorce might be easier on older couples. However, one actress, who was divorced at 27, said she, for one, found the silver lining in ending her marriage early on in life.

Olivia Wilde, whom Houston residents might have seen in last summer’s popcorn flick “Cowboys & Aliens,” got married when she was 18. She said she still has the utmost respect and compassion for her former husband, but filed for divorce about a year ago after their feelings for one another changed.

Wilde admitted that, at first, the idea of separating from her husband was hard on her. But she said after she got over that initial sadness and remorse, she felt she had a newfound sense of independence. She said that she had to learn to rely on herself when times were hard and that gave her a renewed sense of confidence. Wilde also said that going through her divorce helped her become a better actress because it brought her in touch with new emotions.

Of course, Wilde is speaking only about her own experience. Divorce, as we have said, is not an easy thing to do and is not a step anyone should ever take carelessly. But Wilde’s words do show that, for certain marriages, divorce really can be the right move. Divorce does not have to be a long, drawn-out and painful affair, either. Working with a divorce attorney who understands your needs and your goals can go a long way towards making sure you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse can separate cleanly and smoothly.

Source: People Magazine, “What Olivia Wilde Says is ‘Good’ About Getting Divorced Young,” Liz Raftery, Feb. 2, 2012


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