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Texas county exemplifies February’s high divorce rate

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2012 | Divorce

It’s already been a week since Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, the day brought you and your loved one some much needed romance and fun. Maybe you even got engaged or said “I do” on the national day of romance. Love is not in the air, however, for everyone on the supposedly special day.

Research shows that February is actually the month of the year in which divorce is the most popular. That means that a lot of folks were saying “No more” last Tuesday instead of showering their partner with flowers and gifts. A Texas county shows the paradox of February, widely believed to be the month of romance.

According to, Bell County has an increasing divorce rate. Last month, there were reportedly 150 divorce filings. This month isn’t even over yet, and by Feb. 14, there had already been 200 divorce filings on record in the Texas location.

Sources suggest that the high rate of divorce in that county is likely connected to the large number of residents who live there that are in the military. Military life presents a special set of difficulties for couples and families to deal with. And divorce can get complicated when one or both spouses are on foreign land serving the country.

But overall, the popularity of divorce in February is a national trend. If this Valentine’s Day left you convinced that the spark is gone between you and your partner, there is no need to feel guilty. You are not alone in the struggle to create the family setup that will be the healthiest and make you and your family the happiest.

Source “Rising Divorce Rate Doesn’t Dissuade Couples From Tying The Knot,” Rachel Cox, Feb. 14, 2012


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