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Husband Seeks Divorce Based on Wife’s Cancer Lie

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2010 | Child Custody, Divorce

There are obviously a lot of emotions that go into the decision to marry — and divorce. A young couple recently married soon after the husband, Mr. O., learned that his then girlfriend and mother of their child was diagnosed with cancer. Such news sometimes makes couples feel that the time is now and that a wedding is the right decision, but in this case, the diagnosis that likely led to the May nuptials is now the issue that is tearing the newlyweds apart.

Mr. O. accuses his wife of lying about her alleged leukemia, a diagnosis that became known to the public and, therefore, resulted in many wedding accommodations being provided for the couple. According to sources, when certain generous people heard about the cancer diagnosis, they chipped in to pay for the wedding, wedding dress, honeymoon and more. Mr. O. thinks that the whole cancer story was a scam that his wife used to manipulate him and others regarding their wedding.

He has contacted the medical office from which his wife received the alleged diagnosis, and the office tells him that his wife never was a patient there. Our resource also notes that getting evidence of a cancer diagnosis from Mr. O.’s wife has been difficult. No evidence has been produced to support her claim at this point.

The newlywed couple is already living apart, and they are in the process of getting a divorce. Sources report that Mr. O. is relieved that his wife might not actually be ill, but he is angry and wants to end the marriage. He states that he intends on fighting for full child custody of their daughter. 

Resource, Times Herald-Record: Bride’s ‘Till death do us part’ story was false, husband says (9/6/2010)


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