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“Law & Order” Creator’s Ex Wants Fair Share of Assets

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2010 | Divorce

The creator of the “Law & Order” franchise was divorced from his ex-wife in 2005, but that ending of their 22 years of marriage actually did not end there. According to sources, a dispute over the couple’s division of marital property has recently developed. The ex-wife is not, however, going after her ex-husband in the dispute; she is suing the parties responsible for handling the couple’s assets during their marriage.

She claims that the financial advisers promised that they could help the couple with their financial details during their divorce in an “unbiased” fashion, but the lawsuit alleges that the advisers did no such thing. The ex-wife and her attorney are charging Loring Ward International and the Assante Corp. with fraud and negligence.

She accuses the parties of intentionally disclosing complete information about the couple’s marital property and the future value of their assets. When it comes to divorces that involve movies, television, etc. it is important to discuss the value of, in this case, TV spinoffs, syndicated episodes and program-related merchandise. The case of Michael Douglas and his ex is another example of that lesson.

The ex-wife believes that the financial experts knowingly left the value of such assets out of the couple’s divorce settlement, which means a great financial loss to her and financial gain for her ex-husband. Not only that, but the ex-wife claims that the advisers benefit from such alleged actions because they still handle her ex’s assets.

For her ex to remain wealthy and keep relying on the financial planners he used during the divorce, the ex-wife claims, it would mean that the advisers had a reason to financially favor her husband in the divorce settlement. The amount she hopes to get out of this lawsuit has not been publically stated, but she and her attorney state that they believe this alleged fraud has possibly cost her “hundreds of millions” of dollars. 


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