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McCourt Divorce Court: Dodgers-Ownership Debate Continues

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2010 | Divorce

Frank and Jamie McCourt, a high-profile, California couple, are finally in court in order to settle what has been the trickiest aspect of their divorce: Who will own the Dodgers once the divorce is completely over with?

The divorce is putting an end to a nearly 30-year marriage that offered the couple a lavish lifestyle. Already decided is that Jamie McCourt is the sole owner of the various properties owned by the couple in marriage. And as of now, Frank McCourt is the only owner of the Major League Baseball team.

Jamie McCourt disagrees with that detail, and she and her attorneys are fighting to get her officially designated as co-owner of the Dodgers and, therefore, she would earn money from the organization and also have a say in the direction of the team.

The McCourts’ divorce officially began in Oct. 2009, and the trial regarding ownership of the Dodgers will bring an end to what has been a trying divorce process for both the McCourt family and the Dodgers organization. That trial began this week, on Aug. 30, with Frank McCourt taking the stand before his ex.

His testimony has been described as being very careful and level-headed. Sources note that his answers to questions about the details of the couple’s marital property agreement were vague and difficult to completely understand.

What Jamie McCourt’s lawyers are trying to identify is Frank McCourt’s original intention behind their 2004 marital property agreement. Over the last couple of weeks, the fact has come out that there are several copies of the legal contract, some with Jamie McCourt listed as co-owner of the Dodgers, and some that designate only Frank McCourt as owner.

The court is, therefore, now responsible for deciding the validity of the marital property contracts and ruling what the actual agreement was in the minds of the couple at the time of drafting and signing the contract. Frank McCourt and his lawyers claim that any contracts that list his ex as co-owner are wrong due to a clerical mistake.

Because Jamie McCourt has not yet taken the stand, her side of the story is yet to be heard. She and her attorneys, however, insist that she signed the 2004 marital contract based on her understanding that she would be designated as part owner of the team.

Jamie McCourt is set to take the stand in this ongoing divorce case once attorneys are done questioning Frank McCourt. We will post an update when she has had an opportunity to present her argument.  


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