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Chris Brown wins joint custody of daughter

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2015 | Child Custody

Child custody is not an easy issue for parents to deal with because they don’t always agree on things. What one parent may feel is fair, the other may not agree with, which may lead to the courts deciding for them. While parents may depend on the courts to make a decision that is in their favor, it is something that doesn’t always happen. This could leave parents angry, bitter and eager to continue to engage in a battle for custody they may lose again.

Singer Chris Brown has been battling the mother of his daughter over custody for quite some time now, but it recently ended with him being awarded joint custody. It was reportedly determined that the two parents will share their time with the toddler, with Brown getting her 12 days out of the month. Brown is also expected to pay child support totaling $2,500 every month.

Many child custody cases play out the same way Brown’s did. Parents may feud for months only to find that the courts will award joint custody to both. With there being a chance of joint custody being awarded, some parents should consider working together to find arrangement they can agree on instead of going through a huge, public dispute.

Whenever there is a disagreement or dispute over child custody, parents should not hesitate to get help from an attorney. These disputes can often turn nasty fairly quick, but it doesn’t mean parents can’t work together to find an arrangement that works for both of them. There is always a chance that parents can both walk away happy, so they should do what they can to find a custody agreement that is in the best interests of the child and that will allow them both to have a relationship with the child.

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