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Do I have to receive alimony as monthly payments?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2015 | Spousal Support

When people decide to end their marriage, it is likely that one or both of them will consider requesting spousal support. The topic of alimony isn’t always a light subject for divorcing couple to discuss because they may feel differently about it. Depending on how each spouse feels about this, it could quickly turn into a nasty, heated debate, especially if one spouse disagrees with the other’s determination that they deserve alimony.

Like with most divorce legal matters, if the couple cannot agree on terms, they will go before a judge who will resolve disputes for them. Things could go either way, which means that the spouse who didn’t want to pay alimony may end up having to do so. When one spouse is awarded alimony, they may receive monthly payments from their spouse. While most people are paid monthly, in many states it is possible for spouse paying the alimony to do so in one lump sum. Typically, to do this involves both parties and the court agreeing to the arrangement.

People decide to receive their alimony in a lump sum because of the many benefits. For example, one benefit is that people can avoid having to go back to court because their spouse has failed to make their monthly payments. With a lump sum being a one time thing and making the collection of the money easier, there is no need for anyone to keep up with the amount a spouse is supposed to pay monthly and if they are doing so.

Anyone who is divorcing and is planning to request alimony from their spouse, may need legal assistance. Courts don’t just award alimony to people who request it, so you may need help proving to the judge that you will be needing help financially after the marriage comes to an end. An attorney can help you prove to the courts that you not only need the money, but that you deserve it as well.


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