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Deion Sanders has not paid the $250,000 owed from his divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2014 | Divorce

Deion Sanders, a National Football League star that many fans in Texas will be very familiar with, divorced his wife back in 2011. The divorce did get to be a bit complicated when Sanders first started the process in September. He then talked about how the couple would stay together. Later, he admitted that the two would be splitting up in December. At the end of the whole thing, though, Sanders and his wife finalized the divorce, and Sanders got custody of his children.

In 2012, a ruling was made saying that Sanders would have to pay for the court fees on his ex-wife’s side of things. The total amounted to around $250,000. Sanders apparently ignored the order and did not pay anything.

<p>Now, an attorney associated with the case is taking action. The ruling that said that Sanders needed to pay is about two years old, and seeing as how he has not done it yet, the attorney is trying to have a lien put on assets that Sanders holds so that the money can be recovered. This lien may end up being aimed at the mansion that Sanders has in Texas.</p>

<p>A judge has agreed in this case, as the court records show, stating that Sanders’ actions are in violation of the court orders that were given out. That ruling was made in the Colin County court system.</p>

<p>Those who are going through a long <a href=”/family-law/divorce/”>divorce battle</a> in which a large amount of assets are being considered should be aware of what rights they have and what court orders they need to follow. If they want to fight a court order, they need to know the proper way to do it through legal channels rather than just ignoring it.</p>

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