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Divorce of famous rapper tied to his TV show

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2014 | Divorce

Divorce in Texas, as in the rest of the U.S., is almost always fraught with emotions, and this one is no different. The rap star Yung Joc has been informed by his wife that she is seeking a divorce.

The two have been married for approximately 13 years but that will all come to an end soon. He is said to be a flirty husband who isn’t afraid to be with other women. How will he take being a single man after all these years?

The two have three children together. Joc has been on the national television show, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” and is said to be discussing his relationship on the show. The relationship he is talking about on the show is not the one with his wife, though. It is with a co-star, Karlie Redd.

The relationship on the show is alleged to be just for show; However, his on-air girlfriend became upset with him in real life because of a sexual relationship he had with yet a third woman.

His wife has had enough and is filing for divorce, having grown tired of seeing her husband allegedly involved with other women. While Yung Joc lives with his girlfriend on the show and with his wife and kids off-air, he is often seen in the company of women who are not either of these women.

His co-star on the reality show may not be on his show for very much longer, though. She thought they had a real relationship, even off-air. However, she now understands that the relationship was strictly for publicity. She says that she feels used and is angry because Joc pursued her only to get on the show. They began dating in 2013. His marriage to his wife occurred in 2001. They were high school sweethearts.

Divorce is always hard to experience. You may have assets you inherited or you may have a financial situation for which you worked hard, for many years, to obtain. If you find yourself in this situation, it may be wise to seek legal counsel to protect your rights and property.

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