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Columbus Short interviewed about divorce and Texas arrest

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2014 | Divorce

Columbus Short, an actor who has appeared on “Scandal,” has been going through a rather trying time as of late. This most recently manifested itself in an arrest that was made in Texas. It happened during the holiday weekend for the Fourth of July, and he was picked up for being drunk in public.

In an interview, he put to rest any rumors that he had been involved in a fight, saying that he never was. He said that the fact that he was a celebrity made it so that his life was magnified, saying that he felt that the media could make things out to be worse than they were in reality. The rumor was that he had fought with bouncers, but he denied it outright, though he was cuffed by police.

The man also denied that he physically abused his wife. When she filed for divorce, she also went so far as to get a restraining order. She claimed that he pinned her down, verbally abusing her and threatening her, allegedly saying that he would stab her if she lied to him. He said he had never physically assaulted any woman, let alone his wife.

However, the man did say that the divorce was basically inevitable at this point, adding that he was sad that it was going to happen. He even tied that to the tough time that he has been experiencing, saying that his mourning process over the failure of his marriage has been carried out in front of the general public due to his fame.

When individuals are going through a divorce in Texas or elsewhere, they must know what rights they have. This can get complicated when there are other charges and restraining orders that come into the picture.

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