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What is the Access Visitation program?

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2024 | Child Custody

Co-parenting is not always an easy task. However, sharing parenting time and ensuring adherence to court orders is mandatory.

To assist parents in Texas, the Attorney General’s office created the Access & Visitation program. This program seeks to facilitate positive interactions between noncustodial parents and their children. It also offers resources to assist with issues that may arise with parenting agreements.

Parenting time services

The Office of the Attorney General seeks to make the establishment and modification of visitation schedules more accessible for parents. It offers services to help parents resolve conflicts and reach agreements regarding visitation schedules.

Through early intervention services, mediation and enforcement offerings, the program enables parents to better work together to provide a healthy family relationship for their children. In situations where there is a need for supervised visits, the program also provides help with that. It offers neutral exchange assistance, too,

Educational resources

The program also offers educational resources to parents. These offerings emphasize the importance of consistent and positive involvement of parents in their children’s lives. Parents can learn to better develop their co-parenting relationship and get information about parenting in general through the resources.

The Access & Visitation program operates on the belief that every child deserves the love, care and support of both parents. It receives funding through the Federal Parental Access and Visitation Grant Program and also offers the Texas Access and Visitation Hotline where parents can get assistance from parenting time specialists. All resources are free of charge to help parents who need it.


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