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Sheen to Be Single: En Route to Third Divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2010 | Child Custody

While the looming singlehood of notorious actor Charlie Sheen might not excite too many women out there who follow celebrity news, the fact that Sheen filed for divorce this week sure has the media interested. It has been a chaotic year for Sheen and his third wife, Brook Mueller. And it looks like the crazy year will have been the last of their short marriage.

Last December, Sheen and Mueller were vacationing in Colorado when they got into a domestic dispute. Police got involved, and Sheen wound up pleading guilty to second-degree assault as a result of the incident. Because that incident admittedly began when Sheen got upset that Mueller wanted a divorce, it is quite surprising that it was Sheen who first filed for a divorce on Monday.

According to reports, Sheen cited “irreconcilable differences” as the cause for the split and claims that he and Mueller have been separated since last December’s domestic assault occurrence. In what have already become two challenged requests, Sheen wants to share child custody of the couple’s twins and not be required to pay Mueller monthly alimony. She, however, is fighting back.

Soon after Sheen filed the divorce papers with the above-mentioned requests, Mueller filed her own papers. Based on her requests, Sheen’s soon-to-be ex-wife believes she and her children deserve more than what Sheen has requested. She reportedly wants sole custody of their boys and a promise of spousal support.

Perhaps Mueller believes that Sheen is unfit to parent due to his recent run-ins with the law, including the December domestic violence incident and last week’s questionable hotel episode wherein officers found Sheen allegedly intoxicated in a trashed hotel room. But Mueller also has legal hiccups and drug use in her background, so child custody arrangements might not be easily made.

We will post an update as more details about this celebrity divorce take shape.


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