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When family law and domestic violence intertwine

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2011 | Family Law

Sure, when someone thinks of family law, he probably doesn’t think that a divorce or the many disputes that can come with it are entirely easy. But divorce can be a smooth process, especially when the parties involved both want out and there are no extreme situations within the family.

An example of such an extreme situation is where family law does deal with probably one the ugliest kinds of problems: domestic violence. It felt important to devote a post to domestic violence and high-conflict divorce since we are quickly nearing the end of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The holiday months are coming, and that excitement shouldn’t cause us to forget about this important subject.

The Huffington Post shares a reminder that domestic violence comes in many forms: physical, sexual, emotional, mental and economic abuse. Sadly, it’s estimated that one out of four women in the U.S. becomes a victim of some form of domestic abuse. Victims wind up feeling intimidated and controlled by their partners, which can make it hard for someone in an unhappy marriage to make the decision to leave and seek a divorce.

A divorce attorney, however, can best help someone in a high-conflict divorce situation get through the process in the healthiest way. That might mean a bigger push to get the divorce process over with in a relatively expedited fashion, as well as getting a restraining order against an abusive partner.

Health and happiness, especially among children involved, are the main goals of any family law process. The average person may not know how to best protect kids or themselves in a high-conflict situation, which is why the experience and protection of an aggressive family law attorney is so crucial.


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