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Is the season over for McCourts’ property division dispute?

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2011 | Divorce

The highly public disputes between Frank and Jamie McCourt — a divorce case that we’ve consistently followed on this blog — seem to be reaching some conclusion. Surprisingly, it looks like the couple appears to have become a unified front, at least in their property division battle related to the ownership of the Dodgers.

According to sources, following a particularly long divorce process, the McCourts have reached a settlement. Jamie has reportedly agreed to give up any ownership in the team she might have had in exchange for $130 million. Also, she has also reportedly agreed to allow the sale of the team’s potentially lucrative media rights.

Now that the McCourts have reached a settlement in their divorce case, they are prepared to fight for a media rights deal that some say could be worth up to $3 billion, if Frank McCourt can keep control of the Dodgers. The divorce settlement called for Jamie McCourt, who previously was not in favor of this plan, to support the media rights deal.

So while a big part of the family law battle is seemingly over, Frank McCourt and the league have more legal fights ahead. The former owner of the Texas Rangers has been monitoring the team that the McCourts have supposedly mishandled financially. MLB Commissioner Bud Selig has wanted and still wants to sell the team, but that wish has been put off since Frank McCourt filed for bankruptcy. This drama will continue in bankruptcy court.

The McCourt case certainly ranks as one of the most complicated and expensive divorce battles we’ve seen in some time. And while the divorce part of the case appears to be over, there’s still probably plenty of drama left to unfold when it comes to the McCourts and the baseball team.


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