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Critics question timing of MLB player’s Texas divorce filing

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2011 | Divorce

Marriage can be difficult under the best of circumstances. Add in a professional baseball career, a bad season and a wife with a breast cancer diagnosis and marriage can become difficult. While many people might assume they would never walk away from a spouse who has cancer or some other illness, it is difficult to make that type of call without being in that particular situation. When a marriage is turning sour for other reasons, it may be just as beneficial to leave a marriage for both people involved, despite potential fallout.

John Lackey of the Boston Red Sox is facing scrutiny for filing a petition for divorce in Texas while his wife battles cancer. Despite this couple being in the public eye, the reasons behind any divorce are personal, and no one can know for sure what circumstances led to his decision or how much of that decision was his wife’s.

The couple married in 2008, and while the two have already faced a good deal of Krista’s cancer struggle together, including a double mastectomy, perhaps the stress has taken a toll on their relationship. Perhaps Lackey isn’t the person she wants at her side going forward. Divorce shouldn’t necessarily be looked at as a failure or as an attack. It can be the beginning of a happier, healthier future.

Sources report that the couple has a prenuptial agreement, which could potentially limit Lackey’s financial responsibility to his wife. Obviously, neither divorce nor cancer treatment is easy to go through, but no illness alone should be an excuse to stay in a bad marriage that isn’t helping anyone. Each couple needs to make those personal choices and decide what is best for them.

We will post an update when more details about this Texas divorce are available. Because the divorce papers were filed in Texas, the split could be official in about 60 days, depending on the wants of each party.


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