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Divorce: A time for celebration?

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2012 | Divorce

Typical weddings in Texas are closely followed by a reception where friends and family celebrate the newlywed couple by toasting to a long and happy life before the couple whisks away for their honeymoon. Then divorce hits. In the midst of splitting up property, reaching a child custody agreement and working out alimony, there can be a lot of bitter feelings. While everyone strives for an amicable split, it is not uncommon for either one party or both to experience a gamut of emotions: sad, angry and overwhelmed.

While divorce is never easy or a something that a couple plans on, some individuals are choosing to celebrate their new independence and fresh start post- divorce, just as they celebrated their new life when they got married. In keeping with this trend, divorce parties are quickly growing in popularity in Texas and elsewhere across the nation.

Party planners across the nation are reporting seeing a huge influx in the demand for this type of event. One man saw the demand and created a line of “Divorce Diva” novelty items for divorce parties. The line is flying off the shelves.

Some could feel that this trend is minimizing the pain and struggle of a divorce, making it seem like divorce is all Champaign and laughs with the new divorcee’s girlfriends as they burn the wedding dress. However, rather than minimizing the impact of a divorce, these parties are really more about embracing the new beginning and remembering the things worth celebrating in an individual’s life. Divorce can often be a reflective process and a good time for individuals to remember the people that support them. Rather than reluctantly accept the new beginning, some individuals are choosing to embrace it with open arms through a divorce party.

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