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Sanders’ Texas divorce heats up, leads to more legal drama

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2012 | Divorce

In previous posts about the contested divorce between Deion and Pilar Sanders, it becomes clearer with each update that their split is filled with drama. In the beginning, it sounded as though Pilar wanted to keep the marriage together. She eventually, however, accepted that the Texas divorce was on and decided to challenge the pair’s prenuptial agreement.

The Sanders have children from their marriage, but Deion also has a daughter from before who reportedly has had much to say about her father’s estranged wife Pilar since the divorce announcement. And Pilar is taking the daughter’s words — shared via Twitter — seriously.

Courthouse News Service reports that Pilar’s divorce process hasn’t tired her of the legal process. In fact, she has begun an entirely new legal process that has stemmed from this divorce. In response to disparaging comments that Deion’s daughter has allegedly made about her, Pilar is suing the daughter and Deion for damages.

Pilar claims that by Deion’s daughter publically saying that she’s a “Gold Diggin’ Ho” and other negative remarks, she has caused Pilar physical and emotional injuries. Deion is also a target of the civil lawsuit because Pilar claims that he has supported his daughter’s behavior. She is seeking a reported $200 million out of the lawsuit. Perhaps she is trying to make up for what she thinks she won’t be able to get out of the divorce.

This celebrity split is proving to be an especially acrimonious one. In cases such as this high-conflict divorce, it’s important to understand that not all divorce attorneys are created equal. Some are more comfortable with handling high-conflict splits and the power struggles that occur within such a family law process.


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