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New Lawsuit Against Steve Harvey’s Ex Drudges Up Divorce Details

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2011 | Divorce

Oprah Winfrey is widely known for bringing joy and happiness into the world. Her name is now associated, however, with an ugly exchange between famous comedian Steve Harvey and his ex-wife. According to reports, Harvey’s ex has posted a trio of YouTube videos wherein she tells viewers some alleged truths about her ex and their divorce that cast him in a negative light.

What does Oprah have to do with the Harvey drama? The ex-wife who posted the YouTube videos yesterday says that she wants to speak up now because of a current legal battle she faces: “As I sit and talk and speak right now, there’s a lawsuit that’s been filed against me in Texas, because in Steve’s opinion, I was responsible when Oprah didn’t give him a TV show.” Winfrey has not commented on the case.

Harvey is currently remarried, to a woman with whom he reportedly had an affair during his previous marriage. The YouTube videos divulge such alleged facts about Harvey and his ex’s relationship. The ex-wife claims that Harvey was unfaithful throughout their marriage, and yet he managed to “manipulate” the courts in his favor during the divorce process.

Besides the current case between Harvey and his ex, who divorced in 2005, Harvey and his attorney see the ex-wife’s recent actions as another legal issue. Harvey’s lawyer expresses regret over the YouTube videos and calls their content “false, misleading, derogatory, disparaging, malicious, explicit and slanderous information about Mr. Harvey, his current wife and others.” The attorney also tells reporters that the ex-wife violated court orders related to the current above-mentioned case that prohibit the public discussion of the legal situation.

We will post an update if there are further developments in this case.

Source “Steve Harvey’s ex-wife’s tapes are not so funny,” Alan Duke, 24 Jan. 2011


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