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Longoria’s Texas divorce finalized

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2011 | Divorce

It seems like just yesterday when “Desperate Housewives” and San Antonio Spurs stars Eva Longoria and Tony Parker were married. It was a Paris wedding that attracted media attention comparable to that of a royal wedding. The fairy tale wedding, however, did not solidify a fairy tale marriage. Now, according to reports, the marriage is officially over.

Sources say that the divorce was finalized in a Texas court last Friday, marking the end of the couple’s nearly three-and-a-half-year marriage. The biggest dilemma that came up in this celebrity divorce was whether the process would take place in Texas or in Los Angeles. Longoria filed papers in L.A. before Parker filed a separate petition shortly after in Texas.

The recent news of the finalized divorce confirms that Longoria ultimately agreed that Texas was the best option in regards to ending their marriage. It allowed the couple to split more quickly. Plus, sources report that the couple had created their prenuptial agreement in Texas, which made a Texas divorce seem logical.

A California divorce would have required that Longoria and Parker wait six months before their divorce was finalized. By sticking to the Texas process, the duo was able to get the entire split over in less than three months, nearly as quickly as Sandra Bullock and Jesse James divorced last year.

It sounds as though the couple’s prenuptial agreement aided in the ease and speed of their divorce. Sources claim that Longoria and Parker essentially stuck to the points in the contract, except Longoria added to the divorce settlement that she wanted Parker to pay her spousal support each month. Details behind those payments have not been disclosed.


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