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What Man Found in Wife’s E-mail Led to Child Custody Dispute

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2011 | Child Custody

Have you ever looked through your spouse’s e-mails, Facebook posts or text messages? Certainly, not everyone has engaged in this type of snooping behavior, but there are some who do and wind up discovering truths that shake up their lives and families.

One husband dared to look into his wife’s e-mail account and read her messages. What he found affected a string of legal issues, ranging from fraud charges to a heated family law dispute. The man is in the midst of defending his own actions of looking at his wife’s e-mails, but that legal struggle isn’t stopping him from allegedly looking out for the wellbeing of his child.

According to the Huffington Post, the father has filed to gain sole child custody of his and his ex-wife’s 3-year-old daughter. He claims that due to the company his ex is keeping, the safety of his child is at risk when she is in the custody of her mother. What company is his wife keeping, and what does her e-mail have to do with the case?

The father is currently fighting felony charges of computer misuse for having “hacked” into his wife’s private e-mail. He claims he did so out of serious concern regarding the safety of his daughter and stepson. According to sources, he suspected that his wife was seeing her ex, who was reportedly an abusive person.

Once he accessed and read the e-mail messages, the father’s suspicion was confirmed. His wife was having an affair, and now he is trying to make sure that no kids are unsafe due to their mother’s decision to be with an allegedly abusive partner.

We will post an update to this story as developments occur. The father is due in court on Feb. 7 for the computer-related charges.


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