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Collin County court says father should have child custody

International child custody disputes are some of the most difficult for parents because of all the jurisdictional obstacles that may arise. These cases can last for months and even years, and Texas parents who want to see their children again will need experienced legal support.

Pressing 'send' can change the way your divorce is negotiated

Maybe this has happened to you. You've just completed an email or a text message, sent it to the recipient, and you immediately have a bad feeling that you've made a mistake. Communication technology is great, but once a message is out there, it may be impossible to retract.

After son's near-fatal accident, Usher keeps child custody

In some cases, it may be necessary for a noncustodial parent to request an emergency modification of a child custody order. This could happen if the noncustodial parent believes the current custody arrangement puts the child's safety at risk. Recently, the ex-wife of R&B singer Usher sought an emergency custody change after one their children fell into a pool and nearly drowned.

Custody decision reached in case involving deceased NFL star

During the month of December, football-related headlines usually address regular season matchups, player injuries or the impending playoff picture. However, this past December, these headlines became decidedly grimmer following a tragic murder-suicide involving an up-and-coming player.

Alamo director in the midst of high-conflict divorce

The explosion of smartphones and tablet computers coupled with the continued growth of wireless Internet access has served to make instant communication among friends, family and co-workers the new norm. In just a few keystrokes or taps on a phone screen, we can instantly send a text message, mail a presentation or upload photos. However, with this constant interpersonal communication comes the risk of perhaps sharing too much.

The realities of divorce and hidden assets

When a spouse makes the difficult decision to file for divorce, they typically understand that they will have to address and resolve a multitude of important legal issues over the coming months, including child custody, child support, spousal support and, of course, property division.


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