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Paternity for famous basketball player at issue in Texas

It doesn't matter if you are a celebrity, a famous athlete or just a regular person, paternity must be proven by a DNA test. Accepting responsibility for a child is a big step and one that must not be taken lightly. In the case of Paul George, a National Basketball Association player for the Indiana Pacers, it seems he has admitted that he has a child that he wants to accept full responsibility for.

Physicist, father uses scientific principal to arrange custody

During a divorce that involves children, one of the most important aspects of ending the marital relationship is finding a co-parenting one that will work. Multiple marriages and blended families are common today. While a specific arrangement will determine the custody of the children belonging to both spouses, they aren’t the only ones that the parents may want to consider.

Houston mother says CPS told her to pick: husband or children

Relationships will go through ups and downs. Having an intimate, personal relationship involves a lot of serious emotions and there are bound to be some disagreements. When these emotions become so heated that it affects the safety of the children, the Texas Child Protective Services may become involved in the situation.


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